EASARS源于日尔曼语中 “众神之地”一词,是神话中众神的力量之源,象征着至高无上的神权以及无坚不摧的力量。 伊赛斯秉承着追求声与影完美融合的使命,将游戏世界的本源淋漓呈现。享受现实世界中,无可达到的各种听觉、视觉、触感、操作等等,犹如身临其境。胜利,未曾如此渴望;战意犹像烈焰席卷战场。
EASARS derived from the word “the places of Gods” in Germanic, which means power source for all the Gods in myth, symbolizing the highest thearchy and invincible power. EASARS take pursuance for perfect integration of sound and picture as its final commission, committing themselves to present the reality of game world by bringing sounds, sense, tactility and operations unavailable in real world to the users.
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